Our policy on protecting our workers’ safety and health is a factor that contributes to the realisation of the company’s strategy.

Work in the construction sector is associated with high levels of occupational risk. Brixx takes particular care over the constant improvement of working conditions, in order to achieve better protection of its workers’ lives and health.

In our concern to ensure safe conditions for our workers, we take full responsibility for and are committed to:

  • Preventing work-related accidents and illnesses as far as possible
  • Minimising potential harm and discomfort in the workplace
  • Introducing safe techniques and technologies
  • Optimising work organisation and conditions
  • Complying with legal requirements and rules on safety and health

We put this policy into practice by:

  • Identifying potential threats and assessing risk in the workplace
  • Providing workers with personal protective equipment that is suited to the work
  • Systematically conducting working environment investigations and inspections
  • Constantly increasing our workers’ expertise
  • Ensuring that the periodic plans for the improvement of working conditions are put into practice effectively
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