Activity profile

You can rely on Brixx for the execution of all complex construction projects. We specialise in major structural work, relating in particular to:

  • public buildings (administrative buildings, leisure facilities, sports halls, hospitals)
  • the house building sector (houses and multi-family residential buildings, apartments)
  • the industrial construction sector (commercial and service buildings).

Our range of services includes the execution of all work involved in the erection of large buildings.

We have the organisational and technical capability to carry out all construction projects.

We have specialist assembly teams, construction workers and tradesmen at our disposal. They specialise in bricklaying, carpentry and reinforcement work and are trained to take on the most difficult tasks in their field. We also have our own warehouse and transport, enabling us to carry out a range of assignments throughout Poland and further afield. Our company employs well-trained and experienced engineers and technicians who are responsible for preparing for, supervising and executing all construction work.

We achieve our set goals via a carefully planned, prepared and implemented management process.

We strive for the permanent development and improvement of our workers’ expertise, because we are aware that their know-how is the measure of our level of service provision and hence of our company.